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Mac Dev Drone 2 Paintball Gun - Black

Mac Dev Drone 2 Paintball Gun - Black

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Weighing in at only 875g (1.9lbs), its hard to believe that the Drone 2 is structurally all aluminium. Light and tough.

A serious barrel
The Shift 2 barrel system used on high end MacDev markers has been modified for release with the Drone 2. The insert system has been removed to create a Shift 2 lite version. The same great performance, with a solid 2 piece design. All parts are compatible with the big brother full Shift 2 so you can easily upgrade to a full insert system later.

New RED aluminium drive
The new RED drive shell, coupled with the standard valve and bolt, makes the Drone 2 the simplest, and most reliable paintball drive available.

Gas through design
Hoses just get in the way – so we took it off. Now you can enjoy greater freedom to hold the gun however you like. Combine that with the matching rubberised barrel and foregrip, and you have a good solid grip on your gun as intended. The more comfortably you can hold your gun, the more accurate you can be – its that simple.

Free yourself from wires
Disconnecting wires? Its so 2013. The Cyborg 6 demonstrated an elegant way of disconnecting your frame from the body without wires – now this technology has been included in the Drone 2 model. It makes dis-assembly and any tech work simpler than any gun out there.

There’s more…?
The Drone 2 really is feature packed, the clamping feed and venting ASA are the same as those used on the Cyborg 6, and the wrap around grip, board shapes and trigger designs are compatible giving you all the options enjoyed by the high-end gun users and true professionals. The Drone 2 is solid and powerful out of the box, and highly upgradeable in the bargain.


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If your just starting out with paintball, you'll need a paintball gun (marker), compressed air tank, a "Loader" or "Hopper", and some face protection. We've got it all!


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