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Virtue Paintball

Virtue Spire V Loader - Black

Virtue Spire V Loader - Black

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Straight from Virtue comes the all-new Spire V hopper, the most advanced paintball hopper yet. Built upon more than 10 years of continuous research and development, the Spire V hopper meshes high-end technology with an excellent price point. Plus, players familiar with the brand can easily integrate this new system without a hitch.

With refinements across the board, the Virtue Spire V represents the latest in hopper technology. Faster feeding speeds keep you in the game and on point. Toolless components make this high-end hopper easy to clean and service, no matter how many paintballs you push through it. Poised on the cutting edge, the Virtue Spire V delivers some of the best functionality you can ask for in a paintball hopper. 

Virtue Spire V Electronics

The Virtue Spire V’s electronics represent one of the biggest redesigns made to this platform. During the feed process, three infrared sensors work with an accelerometer to control the precise feeding of this high-end hopper. These dual sensors report back on paintball feeds and shot detection to alert players in real time if the hopper experiences a jam. 

These electronics may sound expensive and intricate, but players of all experience levels benefit from the Virtue Spire V hopper. As long as you’ve got a compatible Virtue paintball marker, the Spire V hopper connects for seamless integration you can depend on. 

At the same time, players won’t sacrifice speed or consistency. The Spire V remains the fastest responding loader from Virtue and feeds even the most fragile of paintballs for quick follow-up shots. Just turn the unit on, load your paintballs, and prepare for improved performance from Virtue’s latest hopper. 

Virtue Spire V Hardware

Tucked underneath the paintball tray, the electronics sit cleanly among the durable hardware. Individual components within this paintball hopper are removed easily with one hand. This allows players to troubleshoot and clear any issues without taking away extended time from the game. 

The Virtue Spire V’s hinged shell doesn’t require any tools to open either. With the push of a tactile button, the hopper lid opens to allow for reloading. Once the lid latches, the hopper stays closed to retain paintballs for continuous shooting. The latching mechanism and the hopper body as a whole remain durable to support gameplay without catastrophic failure. 

Virtue Spire V Maintenance

Servicing the Spire V hopper requires little effort. The Spire drive and paintball tray come out without a single turn of a screwdriver. The spring fingers on the speed feed also come out in case of cleaning, repair, or replacement. In addition, the glass-filled nylon exterior wipes clean yet stays rugged through the roughest terrain. 

Virtue Spire V Features

The Virtue Spire V comes in a handful of striking colors. Choose black, blue, white, or red and receive a color-matching speed feed as well. Virtue also includes a color-matching rain lid to top off this dynamic design. If you’re looking for some of the latest and greatest hopper technology, check out the Virtue Spire V to see how it can help you dominate the field. 

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If your just starting out with paintball, you'll need a paintball gun (marker), compressed air tank, a "Loader" or "Hopper", and some face protection. We've got it all!


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