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Empire Axe 2.0 Paintball Gun - Dust Brown / Dust Green

Empire Axe 2.0 Paintball Gun - Dust Brown / Dust Green

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The Empire Axe 2.0 paintball gun is not just a good gun, but it is a phenomenal marker at a great price! These markers are the "big brother" to the Empire Mini GS, but with some additional creature comforts that make this marker all around one of the most popular mid-range markers available today.  The Axe 2.0 quick release bolt and the removable eye covers allow for very quick maintenance and cleaning, the extended grip frame allow this marker to fit nicely in the hands and its simple one button operation allows for a seamless and easy user operation. 

The Empire Axe 2.0 continues to shred the competition whether in the woods or behind bunkers. Accurate, smooth and lightweight, the newly improved perfect player marker is the complete package.
Empire AXE 2.0 come with:

  • 2 Piece Barrel Kits
  • Anti-Chop Eye System
  • Aluminum Main Body Construction
  • Adjustable trigger
  • Low Pressure Operation
  • Single Push button Power Switch
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If your just starting out with paintball, you'll need a paintball gun (marker), compressed air tank, a "Loader" or "Hopper", and some face protection. We've got it all!


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