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Planet Eclipse Etha2 Paintball Gun - Black Earth

Planet Eclipse Etha2 Paintball Gun - Black Earth

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The planet Eclipse Etha 2 paintball gun is a great mid-range marker that will keep up with anything on the field and keep you competitive regardless of what others are using! Utilizing the Gamma Core, the Etha 2 is incredibly reliable, consistent, and requires minimal maintenance. With the integration of the PAL system, the Etha 2 is able to use the PAL loader as an alternative to an electronic hopper. How this works is every time the marker fires, a plunger pops up from the feed neck, hitting a corresponding part on the hopper, which then agitates that paint causing it to feed. more consistent than a gravity fed hopper! The glass reinforced nylon body and grip frame provide an extremely durable construction, meaning that this marker can withstand the abuse that it will see on the field! 

The Etha2 gave players an incredible level of performance for its price point and now, with the introduction of the PAL Enabled Etha2, those same players can enjoy the benefits of high performance coupled with the battery-free PAL Loader System.

As the Etha evolved into the Etha2, it's now time for the Etha2 to evolve. To not only be reliable but also refined. Not just robust, but feature-packed. The PAL Enabled Etha2 is here to lead the way. To show others what is possible with creative and innovative engineering solutions. It's here to disrupt the establishment and dominate the market. With features never before seen in this sector in a package that handles and performs like nothing before it. And the option to use the battery-free PAL Loader System gives players even more freedom to play.

Driven by the now-legendary Gamma Core the PAL Enabled Etha2 is built to handle the harshest of environments. From searing heat to frigid frozen wastes, the exceptionally tough composite external construction with aircraft-grade aluminum interior will take everything that even the roughest and the most demanding player can throw at it. Yet on the field its stretched-out grip spacing, lightweight and natural balance make it easy to maneuver, natural to aim and amazing fun to shoot.

Aircraft-grade aluminum interior will take everything you can throw at it!

The Etha2 helped the original Etha to step out of the shadows, and begin its Evaluation. The PAL Enabled Etha2 takes it another step forward.

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If your just starting out with paintball, you'll need a paintball gun (marker), compressed air tank, a "Loader" or "Hopper", and some face protection. We've got it all!


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